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Commonly used of skill of 10 big interpreters: interpret law and the law that tu
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5.Interpret lawWith the law that turn over interpret

These two kinds of methods are used at Han Yiying normally, now and then also use at Ying Yihan. Alleged interpret, it is to point to a sentence to be become according to as same as Chinese word order or expressive means interpretEnglish. Alleged turning over interpret is to point to a sentence to become English according to as contrary as Chinese word order or expressive means interpret. interpret and turn over interpret to often have synonymous effect, but turn over interpret often more the thinking means that accords with English and expressive habit. Because this compares a tunnel. Be like:
(1) inThe United States, everybody can buy a gun.
InThe United States, everyone CanBuy A Gun. (interpret)
In The United States, guns Are Available To Everyone. (Turn over interpret)
(2) you can obtain this one information from Internet.
You Can Obtain This Information On The Internet. (interpret)
This Information Is Accessible/available On The Internet. (turn over interpret)
(3) he thought of a new plan suddenly.
Suddenly He Had A New Idea. (interpret)
He Suddenly Thought Out A New Idea. (interpret)
A New Idea Suddenly Occurred To/struck Him. (turn over interpret)
(4) he still did not do the meaning that knows me.
He Still Could Not Understand Me. (interpret)
Still He Failed To Understand Me. (Turn over interpret)
(5) anyhow, she does not calculate a student with nimble thinking.
She Can Hardly Be Rated As A Bright Student. (interpret)
She Is Anything But A Bright Student. (Turn over interpret)
(6) Please Withhold The Document For The Time Being.
Buckle this next files temporarily please. (interpret)
Do not send this file temporarily please. (turn over interpret)

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