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Commonly used of skill of 10 big interpreters: Changeover law
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3. changes a law

Point toInterpreterTo make translation accords with target language in the process state means, method is opposite with the habit former a medium parts of words, sentence pattern and voice undertake changeover. Say specificly, be in namely respect of syntactical functions and morphological features that help to determine a part of speech, it is substantival changeover pronoun, adjective, verb; Change the verb into noun, adjective, adverbial, preposition; Change the adjective into adverb and phrase. In sentential composition respect, turn subject into adverbial modifier, attributive, object, predicative; Turn predicate into subject, attributive, predicative; Turn attribute into adverbial modifier, subject; Turn object into subject. In sentence pattern respect, paratactic sentence become compound sentence, compound sentence become paratactic sentence, turn adverbial modifier subordinate clause into attributive subordinate clause. In voice respect, can turn into active voice passive voice. Be like:
(1) our institute suffers religion appoint the dual leadership with municipal government.
Our Institute Is Co-administrated ByThe States Education Commission And The Municipal Government. (Substantival roll word)
(2) Too Much Exposure To TV Programs Will Do Great Harm To The Eyesight Of Children.
Children see TV eyesight of attaint of overmuch can big earth. (Substantival roll word)
(3) because we executed policy of reforming and opening, the comprehensive national power of our country had apparent buildup.
Thanks To The Introduction Of Our Reform And Opening Policy, our Comprehensive National Strength Has Greatly Improved. (The verb turns noun)
(4) I ' M All For You Opinion.
I hold with your opinion completely. (preposition roll word)
(5) The Reform And Opening Policy Is Supported By The Whole Chinese People.
Policy of reforming and opening got completeChinaOf people support. (the verb turns noun)
(6) In His Article The Author Is Critical Of Man ' S Negligence Toward His Environment.
The author is in the article, environment of unwary to the mankind oneself made criticism. (the adjective turns noun)
(7) In Some Of The European Countries, the People Are Given The Biggest Social Benefits Such As Medical Insurance.
In some Europe country, people enjoys the most comprehensive social welfare, if medical treatment is safe,wait. (passive voice turns active voice)
(8) time is not early, we go back!
We Don ' T Have Much Time Left. Let ' S Go Back. (Sentence pattern changeover)
(9) students should heart, wisdom, body develops in the round.
All The Students Should Develop Morally, intellectually And Physically. (The noun turns adverbial)

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