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Commonly used of skill of 10 big interpreters: Tear open syntax and amalgamative
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4. is torn openSyntaxWith amalgamative law:

This is correspondence of two kinds of photographsInterpreterMethod. Tearing open syntax is grow and complex sentence tears open interpret to become a certain number of shorter, simpler sentence, use at Ying Yihan normally; Amalgamative law is a certain number of short sentence amalgamative grow into sentence, use at Han Yiying commonly. Chinese emphasizes meaning close, the structure is more inattentive, brief simple sentence is accordingly more; EnglishEmphasize form close, the structure is exacter, because this is long sentence more. Conjunction, participle, preposition, indeterminate form, attributive subordinate clause, independent structure should be used to wait for a Chinese weak point according to needing to notice when Han Yiying so sentence grow repeatedly sentence; And often should be in again when Ying Yihan former sentence adverb of relation pronoun, relation, advocate call the joint of joint, paratactic or turn joint, follow-up composition and main body, and meaning group end point will be chief sentence cut off, interpret becomes Chinese clause. Can withhold English word order basically so, suitable interpret is complete sentence, comply with a kind of classical poetry consisting chiefly of seven-character lines interspersed with shorter or longer ones of contemporary Chinese language to be replaced, the syntax of alternate with of odd a sentence of two or more clauses is rhetorical principle. Be like:
(1) Increased Cooperation With China Is InThe Interests Of The United States.
WithChinaStrengthen collaboration, accord withThe United Statesinterest. (in advocate call joint tears open interpret)
(2) I Wish To Thank You For The Incomparable Hospitality For Which The Chinese People Are Justly Famous Throughout The World.
I should thank your unapproachable great kindness entertainment. Chinese people hears bright world with this kind of warm hospitality just about. (interpret is torn open before attributive subordinate clause)
(3) This Is Particularly True Of The Countries Of The Commonwealth, who See Britain ' S Membership Of The Community A Guarantee That The Policies Of The Community Will Take Their Interests Into Account
Each country of the British Commonwealth especially such, they think England joins Europe in all body, aux will be able to assures Europe in all the interest that the policy of body takes care of them. (interpret is torn open before attributive subordinate clause)
(4) China is a big country, the population of 80% is engaged in agriculture, dan Geng ground occupies land area only very one of, the others is mixed for mountain range, forest, town other with the ground.
China Is A Large Country With Four-fifths Of The Population Engaged In Agriculture, but Only One Tenth Of The Land Is Farmland, the Rest Being Mountains, forests And Places For Urban And Other Uses. (add up to interpret)
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