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Translate wrong 25 Chinese sentence the most easily
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1. I like it very much.

False: I Very Like It.

True: I Like It Very Much.

2. This price is quite likely to me.

False: The Price Is Very Suitable For Me.

True: The Price Is Right.

Suitable(is appropriate, suitable) the commonnest use is with what deny the form appears on annunciate or announcement, be like: Following program A-certificate. The Following Programme Is Not Suitable For Children uses the view from the back in this group of sentences the meeting is more appropriate.

3. Are you what to what works do?

False: What ' S Your Job?

True: Are You Working At The Moment?

What ' S Your Job this kind of view amiss also? Yes. Because if your conversational object just unemployed, so direct meeting asking a law lets the other side have break face, so you should ask: Are at present you to going to work, are You Working At The Moment, next you just ask: At present you work where, where Are You Working These Days, or you are engaged in which industry, what Line Of Work Are You In, conveniently says, when answering this kind of problem, might as well say a bit more specificly, just do not say a manager or secretary.   

4. WithEnglishHow to say?

False: How To Say InEnglish?

True: How Do You Say This In English?

How To Say is to be inChinaOne of Chinese type English that overrun most, this is pure English argument anything but. Same sentence has: How does this word spell excuse me, how Do You Spell That Please, how is this word read excuse me, how Do You Pronounce This Word.

5. I will have a thing to want to do tomorrow.

False: I Have Something To Do Tomorrow.

True: Sorry But I Am Tied Up All Day Tomorrow.

Will state you are very busy with I Have Something To Do, this also is the view of Chinese type completely. Because all the time we have a thing to want to do, lying over to sleep to become aware greatly also is a thing. So you can say I am very busy, do not take off a body: I ' M Tied Up. Still have other arguments: I ' M Afraid I Can ' T Make It At That Time. I, DLove To, but I Can ' T, I Have To Stay At Home.

6. I do not have English name.

False: I Haven ' T English Name.

True: I Don ' T Have An English Name.

A lot of people tell English to make such mistake, will analyse from syntactic angle, the likelihood is syntactic strength is deficient in, because Have is fact justice verb here, is not to be inside the present perfect the auxiliary of that no point. So, this word by affirmation sentence become negative sentence should add auxiliary. Obvious reason is one and the same, the habit is other one thing, ask you to say a few words again:

I do not have money; I Don ' T Have Any Money.

I do not have brotherly sister; I Don ' T Have Any Brothers Or Sisters.
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