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Commonly used of skill of 10 big interpreters: Save interpret law
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2.ProvinceInterpret law: This is a kind when answer relatively with the law that add interpretInterpreterMethod, namely the word that cancel does not accord with target language thinking to habit, language is used to and convey means, in order to avoid translation encumbrance. The illustrative sentence of the law that add interpret conversely can. Be like again:
(1) You Will Be Staying In This Hotel During Your Visit In Beijing.
You live in this restaurant during Beijing is visited. (pronoun of the owner that save interpret)
(2) I Hope You Will Enjoy Your Stay Here.
Hope you have a good time here. (pronoun of the owner that save interpret)
(3)ChinaGovernmental all through the ages takes environmental protection job seriously.
The Chinese Government Has Always Attached Great Importance To Environmental Protection. (Save translated term word)

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