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Beautiful article of allusion of money bell The Book of History " window " inter
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On May 12, 2008 16:20:24 authors: Camel ring Tonynncent

What this essay of Mr Qian Zhongshu says is a window, but its intention is to say a window not just absolutely just, want to be compared with the window howeverThe life, analogyLife. Look from the language, " window " continued consistent money sends gimmick, make the same score with the word solid, common, did not grow sentence, without what complex structure, very easy ground is narrated, argue, however closely button theme. Such characteristic is rightInterpreterThe difficulty that form is self-evident, answer in the interpreter when at that time mature afore-mentioned characteristics, come out now in the body in translation as far as possible.   
One, analyse sentence by sentence:

Random Thoughts OnThe Window   (this window word in the title, included meaning is relatively rich, make the person has a variety of associating, because this interpret becomes Random Thoughts On The Window. )  

It is spring
It Is Spring Again
Chinese is not to have main clause, english does not have such sentential structure, because this uses It Is... sentence pattern. Textual in " " use in sentence head, but if English also puts Again in sentence head, this word is too outstanding, weight is too heavy. So one word of Again is put in in translation sentence end and textual " " put in sentence head heft comparatives.

The window often can leave
And The Window Can Be Left Open As Often As One Would Like
Add Window of odd number noun to represent all windows with definite article The. EnglishExpress in " all " can have a few kinds of methods: 1) plural noun, 2) noun of errant article A/an, 3) definite article noun. The 3rd kind when use namely here, more emphasize particularly on to send a gender firstly. "Often leave " cannot interpret becomes Can Open Often or Can Be Opened Often. Because textual say from the person's angle, when does people think a window to go, used One Would Like so such view.

Spring from come in outside the window
As Spring Comes In Through The Windows
This spring personate, english also goes with similar structure. Outside the window: Out Of The Window. But, if " from come in outside the window " understanding becomes a process, express to had been compared with Through.

The person does not sit in the house, go out from the door.
So People -- Unable To Bear Staying Inside Any Longer -- Go Outdoors
The adjectival phrase between dash shows the reason that people does not sit in house. Bear: Bear, can follow already from the back - Ing verb, also can follow indeterminate form verb.

The spring outside crossing a house too cheap
The Spring Outside, however, is Much TooCheap
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