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" troubled times beautifuls woman " 5 Chinese translation who more fire
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When translating, consult when you article is called only " piracy " , and the article of reference much home cries " research " . It is below "Troubled times beautiful woman" leave piece 5Translation, let us come " research " one, judge bad of what of the actor that judge what.



Scarlett O'Hara Was Not Beautiful, but Men Seldom Realized It When Caught By Her Charm As The Tarleton Twins Were, in Her Face Were Too Sharply Blended The Delicate Features Of Her Mother, a Coast Aristocrat Of French Descent, and The Heavy Ones Of Her Florid Irish Father. But It Was An Arresting Face, pointed Of Chin, square Of Jaw. Her Eyes Were Pale Green Without A Touch Of Hazel, starred With Bristly Black Lashes And Slightly Tilted At The Ends. Above Them, her Thick Black Brows Lanted Upward, cutting A Startling Oblique Line In Her Magnolia- - White Skin- - That Skin So Prized By Southern Women And So Carefully Guarded With Bonnets, veils And Mittens Against Hot Georgia Suns.

  1 teach Dong Hua, 1940 translation

Then Miss Hao Saijia grows Debingbumei, can be extremely rich glamour, the man saw her, often want infatuate, resemble Shang Jiana a pair of twin fraternal. Appear jumbly on face of this young lady so wear two kinds idiosyncratic: One kind is a mother the charming that gives her is soft, one kind is father those who give her is forthright. Because her mother is a flange on the west the littoral noble of blood relationship, father is a leather color deep thick Irish, so entail her temperamental hard to avoid is discordant. But although quality of a material is discordant, she that piece of cheeks is in really very attractive, spinous of chin forehead Er, gum bone square square. Her eyeball is blindly virescent, not miscellaneous brown of a catechu, all round end up the two moth eyebrow that cast aside Mo Mo, in her that magnolia is spent general on white skin, lay off two unusual the diagonal that offends an eye. It is her skin of that a suit, also be southern woman most love, who should grow such skin, be about to take a cap, face guard, glove and so on is careful to be being protected, hate to part with the sunshine that makes that too hot to suntan.

Smooth translation of Li Ye of the 2 & that wear Kan

Aohala grows Sai Jia " pie-eyedly, but when male people resembles Home Daerdu be her glamour place to enchant to twin brother then, won't think so. There are two kinds of features on her face, a kind of charming that is her mother is soft, come from flange on the west the littoral noble of blood relationship; One kind is her father is straightforward, come from buckish and Philistine Irish, lump of these two kinds of features appears not quite harmonious, but the gum bone of chin of the spinous on this piece of face and all directions, it is very seductive, she that pair of virescent eye pure realize are Brown without, deserve to go up the canthus of pitch-black eyelash and cock, appear lasting appeal is very, two jet heavy is above inclined over, the skin that gives her the Bai Xi like wooden orchid delimits on very trenchant diagonal, such Bai Xi's skins are extremely precious to southern woman. They often use cap, veil and glove to protect the skin, get in case Zun Zhiya is burning hot of the sun insolate.
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