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The error correction of text of international convention Chinese and retranslate
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" attainder and convention of political right international " all sorts of in in translation, its the 6th all be the 4th times by interpret: "The person of any capital punishment that be sentenced is due authority asks to absolve or commute a sentence. The case that sentences capital punishment to everything all must give amnesty, amnesty or commute a sentence. " this English text is: "Anyone

Sentencedtodeathshallhavethecentertoseekpardonorcommutationofthesentence.Amnesty, pardonorcommutationofthesentenceofdeathmaybegranted

Inallcases. " in article " Maybegranted " meaning for " can obtain "

Or " can by allow " , means the person of any capital punishment that be sentenced " the requirement is absolved or commute a sentence " later all obtain amnesty, amnesty or commute a sentence organic meeting, likely, is not " all must give " ought to obtain namely (the country must give) amnesty, amnesty or commute a sentence, chinese text " all must give " as abhorrent as English text. "All must give " mean, death sentence must give amnesty, amnesty or commute a sentence, do not give actually thereby carry out. Be compared and character, english text more the original idea that accords with convention, namely convention advocates capital punishment to make in order to absolve, commute a sentence, is not rigid stipulates each country must give capital punishment make in order to absolve, commute a sentence.

But the problem is, " attainder and convention of political right international " last regulation: "This covenant should deposit U.N. archives library, its Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spain article each same valid " . Alleged " same valid " , have namely equal legal effectiveness, because of this once deposit, cannot say the text of effectiveness excel Chinese of English text. Then this " same valid " cause the contradiction between different text version, the understanding that gives convention, applicable come with the channel bandpass between member country a lot of trouble.

Actually, the Chinese that publishs in him U.N. this " human rights: International file collection " in, outside the 6th the 4th interpret law is being narrated before dividing reservation convention, the name also calls even its " attainder and covenant of political right international " (and rather than " convention " ) . "Covenant " be inferior to apparently " convention " interpret has been gotten, "Alliance person, kill animal sacrifice form of swearing, oath at the god also " , conclude a treaty for alliance, be like the mental essence with this law copy clerk very not proportional. Likelihood also accordingly, the Chinese interpret file that connects U.N. interior now also is used no longer " covenant " (use however " convention " ) , but to the text that file, still withhold however at the outset unvarnished, whether is because U.N. lacks a modification program of this kind of text,knowing. If be, I think must perfect such one remedies measure, so that be put in contradictory text to undertake harmony to those, will incorrect
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