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Translate the ancient bronze mirror of medium Chinese style English
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In Han Yiying's process, often can appear " Chinese styleEnglish" interpreter, namely so called Chinglish, accordingly we are in the interpreter's process, 10 thousand cannot assume sth as a matter of course, want to check a data more, turn over a dictionary more, in order to make sure the tunnel of translation is accurate, the following consult for everybody.

1.Tea tree grows very well on this country.
〔 by accident 〕 Tea Trees Grow Well In These Mountain Fields.
〔 〕 Tea Grows Well In These Mountain Fields.
Note: "Tea tree " , " fruiter " wait to become English to often omit constantly in the interpreter Tree, because these word itself are included " tree " meaning. Like Orange (orange is cultivated) , banana (banana is cultivated) etc.

2.Off-season business is bad to do.
〔 by accident 〕 It's Hard To Do Business In Light Seasons.
〔 〕 It's Hard To Do Business In Slack Seasons.
Note: "Weak " in English often need not Light expresses. Be like again: "Weak tea " (Weak Tea) , "Fresh water " (Fresh Water) .

3.This can be an important matter!
〔 by accident 〕 This Is A Big Thing!
〔 〕 This Is An Important Matter!
Note: Big Thing is the thing that shows volume is large, and " important matter " it is to point to " important thing " , it also can be conveyed with Big Issue. Of optional Chinese " big " the Big of not certain and corresponding English. Be like: "Big mist " expression is Thick Fog. Large states one does not have body total width and amount, have capacious with numerous meaning.

4.Should stop machine examination breakdown.
〔 by accident 〕 It Is Time That We StopThe Machine And Find The Trouble.
〔 〕 It Is Time We Stopped The Machine And Found The Trouble.
Note: It Is Time That... express " be... when " , ever since subordinate clause should use preterit, this is fictitious the requirement with its.

5.I should be added to the uncle today pay a New Year call.
〔 by accident 〕 I'll Go To Visit My Uncle And Say "Happy New Year" To Him Today.
〔 〕 I'll Pay A New Year Call To My Uncle Today.
Note: "Pay a New Year call " how to say to beat certainly with English a lot of person. The first translation is not incorrect, after be being done not have however good. "Pay a New Year call " still can be said Wish Sb. A Happy New Year, be like: Auntie, we've Come To Wish You A Happy New Year (aunt, we will to you pay a New Year call. )

6.The tertiary industy growth of our country is very rapid in last few years.
〔 by accident 〕 For The Latest Couple Of Years The Third Industry In Our Country Has Been Developing Very Fast.
〔 〕 For The Latest Couple Of Years The Tertiary Industry In Our Country Has Been Developing Very Fast.
Note: "The first industry " it is The Primary Industry, "Secondary industry " it is The Secondary Industry, but " tertiary industy " not be The Third Industry, however The Tertiary Industry. Actually Tertiary and Third are synonymous, it is " the 3rd " meaning, such using is established by usage only. Additional, "Tertiary industy " still can say The Service Industry, because tertiary industy basically is,point to service line of business.
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