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Taste film translated term or name to learn English of former juice raw ingredie
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Odd fromThe filmforeign language translated term, ever had film of how many abroad, because unusual the Chinese translated term that gives colour, moved the heart of countless China audience, from this whole world the biggest market earned a basin full earthen bowl is full; Have how many homebred film again, with the English translated term that does not have lasting appeal more thorough ground explained the connotation of whole film and artistic conception.

Let us begin from film translated term or name now, the time of the story of the classical, past that reviews those pasts, past...

1. " Streetcar Named Desire " -- " car of libidinal mark market "

Ma Long - the cost that Bai Lan is spent and this film of Fei Wenli's main actor explained love vanity. Streetcar points to a kind of old railroad car of foreign, automobile body and electrical wiring are linked together, move according to established contrail, but do not see more now, more it is with travel the form of sightseeing car appears.

2. " Face Off " -- " suddenly turn hostile "

Face Off is not a kind of popular use, according to the content of the film, understandable the crossing-over that is a kind of identity, different role is installed. Ever somebody is translated into " the Shuang Xiong that seize a life " , fall easily convention, and " suddenly turn hostile " look concise mystery, with the part crossing-over with your person blurred visual sense, conflict of either of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease and hassle, the appetite of condole sufficient audience, perforative film from beginning to end, what can say to mirror police and killer racily is contrary and delicate concern.

For example, when two teams begin the match: Both Teams Are Ready To Face Off; Preparation and someone argue or compete: The Candidates Are Preparing To Face Off On TV Tonight.

3. " Romantic Of Three Kingdoms " -- " historical novel of the Three Kingdoms "

This is the literal interpreter according to movie title. Romantic is used when the noun when, have the composition of derogatory sense. If say someone is Romantic, the idea that points to them normally loses contact with reality, with trueThe lifeDo not agree. For example, he Is A Romantic Who Longs For Adventure. Because " historical novel of the Three Kingdoms " it is a novel only, history of not complete comply with, have the composition that similar show says, use Romantic so and not be the content that Romance will come to to state origianl work.

Romantic: When the adjective is used, withLoveRelevant, point to have a paragraph of close love relationship. For example: I'm Not Ready For A Romantic Relationship.

Romance: Describe the affinity between sweethearts commonly. For example: Hemingway's Romance With His Nurse Inspired Him To Write 'A Farewell To Arms' .
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