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Culture of Ying Meizhi tea
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The life because coffee and tea times add good taste. Tea, coffee blends in the masses to live, form distinctive culture. Master the culture marrow of coffee and tea, above all from lexical proceed with, complementary drill with sentence pattern, OK " drink " the beauty that gives the life.

Customer: Excuse Me, can You Recommend Some Good Tea?

Disturbed, can you recommend a few good tea?

Salesman: Yes. Those All Are Good. Lipton Is Quite Popular Here.

Good. Those are pretty good. Establish a tea to be here very popular.

Customer: I See. How Do You Pack The Tea?

I understood. Is this tea what is packed?

Salesman: Most Of Them Come With Tea Bags.

Majority is tea bag.

Customer: Oh, I Don't Use Tea Bags If I Don't Have To.

Oh, unless do not have other option, otherwise I do not drink tea bag.

Salesman: All Right. Any Particular Type Of Tea You Are Looking For?

Good. What do you have to think bought tea particularly?

Customer: Yes. I Want Some Flower Tea. I Guess Asian People Like Flower Tea.

Have. I want to buy scented tea. I think Asian like scented tea.

Salesman: I Think So. But They Are Mainly Liked By Young People.

Be probably. Major youth is preferred.
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