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If why handle literature to translate medium culture difference
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If why handle literature to translate medium culture difference

Liao Gong
(Kapok institute foreign language is, kapok 617000)

Summary: Leg of  of difficult Х of Xuan of divinatory symbols of act  Qiong surnames? of Piao of male of an ancient nationality in China of a screen-like mountain peak of a side gate of an imperial palace of the Zhuang that add core to handle literature correctly to translate medium culture difference to translate work quality and the culture communication between stimulative each country to having crucial action to rising. The article discussed the method of difference of the culture in interpreter of literature of a few kinds of processing, no matter use which kind of methods or annex to use, the interpreter's purpose is to create more perfect interpreter work -- , the need that reflects textual style, connotation adequately to satisfy translation reader again already.
Keyword: Language of source of; of interpreter of literature of act  ? harding iron (language of purpose of Source Language) ; (Target Language)
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As the unifinication of global economy, politics and science and technology, multivariate culture coexists imperative, culture becomes very important in each country communication and come-and-go. Suffer its to affect, culture becomes literature to translate one of work main factor. In today's society, the interpreter already was regarded to be the changeover of language symbol merely no longer, and be regarded to be a kind of behavior that crosses culture intercourse. The interpreter became the changeover of mode of a kind of culture. People is used " Intercultural Communication(crosses culture intercourse) " , " Intercultural Cooperation (crosses culture to cooperate) " , " Acculturation(culture blends) " or " T Ransculturation(crosses culture intercourse) " wait for a series of term to replace " interpreter " (Guo Jianzhong, 2000, p277) . Accordingly, how ground of more accurate, appropriate handles literature to translate medium culture difference is the key that creates perfect interpreter work. The article discussed 4 kinds of when reduce culture difference as far as possible different interpreter methods from different point of view.

One, literature is stylistic with culture difference

Translating practice connect closely with the style that translates work. The interpreter work of different style is having respective and unique language feature. Mastering source language and purpose language at the same time only the feature of two kinds of languages and below the circumstance that can apply two kinds of languages adroitly, translator ability innovation goes the interpreter work of case of really hypostatic locution showing a source. The differs to mean a contain culture element of work language color also each are not identical. For example: The culture element that its place of? of  of dew of angry of Nai of Mei of Piao of besmear duckweed afterwards bears the weight of is less. In the interpreter process of this kind of work, accurate the changeover that if change content of source language information into purpose language on the spot,compares culture of pair of two kinds of languages far should weigh good much. Contrary, in the work with stylistic literature, wait like novel, poetry, essay, culture becomes one of main factors of Lv of the take an examination in the interpreter. If oversight culture element, interpret is made became those who do not have blood to do not have the flesh, the body that just rises by vocabulary and sentential accumulation. In reader eye, losing the interpret of culture to make also is the work that does not have the soul. Accordingly, outstanding translator translates the culture difference in mature if where reason is different stylistic work answering in practice in literature.
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