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The culture words condition of idiom of shallow Tan Yinghan and interpreter
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The culture words condition of idiom of shallow Tan Yinghan and interpreter

Zhu Xiulian
(Ministry of Chang'an university foreign language, shaanxi Xi'an 710054)

Summary: English-Chinese idiom has forceful culture characteristic, idiom interpreter should handle the contradiction of good language and words condition, want interpret to give the figure of primitive idiom, Yu Yi not only, even interpret gives its nation characteristic and district colour. So when interpret of English-Chinese idiom each other, divide with metaphrase, outside covering interpret and free translation, apply metaphrase to hold free translation and supplementary interpret law concurrently even.
Keyword: ; of condition of words of culture of English-Chinese idiom; is translated

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Idiom, be used to diction namely (The Idiomatic Phrases) , it is a language the fixed word group that the course is used for a long time and abstraction comes out, phrase or short sentence. Idiom range is very wide, include idiom normally (Set Phrases) , adage (Proverbs) , gnomic (Sayings) , common saying (Colloquilisms) , literary quotation (Allusions) and slang (Slangs) . Idiom has the characteristic such as profundity of incisive, vivid, beautiful, figure, common, implied meaning on the language. Accordingly, idiom of English-Chinese of proper understanding, exact interpreter, it is very necessary for the person that learn to us and uses English, also be indispensable.

One, interpret of English-Chinese idiom each other and culture words condition are concerned

Language and culture are inseparable. The language is the carrier of culture, can accommodate each respects of culture, also can mirror any content of culture, at the same time it also gets of culture restrict. Place of J Uri Lotman of no less than says: ? of instrument of  of  of act of Mi Nai of to instruct of imperial mandate of Can of  of apology of round emperor of americium of bell of extensive of regretful brandish favour also does not have a kind of culture is not a center with the structure of some kind of natural language. " the marrow that idiom is a language, it accumulate containing substantial culture information, including many culture feature and culture setting, have distinctive image and analogy, contain bright ethical characteristic and district colour. Be like idiom " entertain an angel but unaware " , everybody knows the father-in-law is located in province of our country Shandong, our country the ancients is alpine delegate with the father-in-law, the person that uses an analogy to revere or great and worthy thing. The thing of this one specific district was used in Chinese idiom, will compare main character. Ying Yan also is such, be like: ALl Roads Lead To Rome. Because this wants to translate good idiom, the connotation that makes an analogy is used in must understanding these idiom.
Custom habit affects idiom as much, be like " Xi Shi goes out in lover eye " . General Hesperian knows Xi Shi is the beauty on Chinese history unlikelily, because this understands impossibly,the Yu Yi of Chinese culture characteristic is full of in this idiom. In the interpreter interpret is " beauty goes out in lover eye " advisable. In be like English idiom again " Do As The Romans Do. " only interpret is " do in Rome as Rome does " ability is understood by place of interpret language reader and accept. English-Chinese culture also is affected likewise by apparent religion, because religious belief is the main component of human culture. In Chinese culture people suffers Buddhist influence deeper, the characteristic thing in buddhism is contained in a lot of idiom, be like " take a passive attitude towards one's work. " and English culture suffers Catholic, Christian influence deeper, concerned idiom has: AS Poor As The Church Mouse. (Euqally poor like the mice in cathedral) .
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