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Institute of liberation army foreign language
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Institute of liberation army foreign language

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Academic brief introduction

Institute of foreign language of the Chinese People's Liberation Army is one serves for national defence and military modernization, it is a foundation with the foreign language, much discipline across, characteristic is bright, tall institute of language of omnibus national defence. Her predecessor is the training class of foreign language of central the Central Military Commission that held water in Yan'an 1938. Built formally in Beijing in August 1949 school.
The institute reposes in city of Luoyang of ancient capital of historical famous city, 9 government, cover an area of a face to accumulate 142 hectare. Campus greenery is shady, the environment is beautiful. Entertainment sports facilities is all ready, have good study, surroundings.

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The institute sets language of English, Russian, Japanese, German, French, spanish, Arabic, Korea language, Vietnamese, Mongolia, Thai, Burmese, Indonesian language now, imprint language of ground language, Nepali, Lao, Persia, Osmanli, Kampuchea is language, Malay, black. Information of research of military affairs of relation of information of character of the mandarin in still be being set at the same time, international, international, foreign country, information, acoustic image and external the major such as Chinese. Among them, afro-asian language major is pressed " be not skill of English of universal set phrase " education mode, execute answer language to make education entirely.

Student takes the lead in executing credit to make in military academy, establish fellowship, begin actively advocate minor makes education and education of the 2nd baccalaureate with answer language, advance copy large is read repeatedly, large rich reads a system repeatedly. Current, exploring double undergraduate course, double degree actively to wait compound model the new pattern that the talent fosters.

The institute began graduate student education 1981. Current, include literature, law, strategics, pedagogic course of 11 of 4 class 2 degree has master's degree to award authority, the course of 4 2 degree such as informatics of English language literature, Russian language literature, afro-asian language literature, military affairs has a doctor's degree to award authority, major of literature of foreign language character sets flow of postdoctoral scientific research to stand. Major of English language literature is labelled by Ministry of Education national emphasis course, the major of afro-asian language literature that gives priority to body with Korea language, Vietnamese is approved to be national foreign language to be not talent of general language undergraduate course to foster base by Ministry of Education.

Center of national education exam establishs test of ability of exam of TOEFL exam, grade of countrywide communal English, Japanese to wait for exam center in the institute in succession. In June 1997, the institute is certainly by the General Political Department " school of be in charge of an examination of exam of foreign language of horse and foot " .
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