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Abroad translates a standard to study commentary
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Abroad translates a standard to study commentary

Han Jianghong 1, zhang Bai like that 2
(Institute of Nanjing university foreign language, jiangsu Nanjing 210093)

Summary: The foreign interpreter standard since 50 time studies 20 centuries substantially can divide for 3 respects: Traditional linguistics, canto linguistics and interpreter study school. Before two kinds of normative research set a gender, the normative research that the lingustic standard that notes refashion to decide and; of text type example study to angle undertakes from the interpreter describes a gender, aim to pass separate out and descriptive standard to announce the interpreter's essence and rule. The interpreter standard of traditional linguistics and canto linguistics considers to have very big limitation, show level consequently already the normative research meaning of school of research of interpreter of type small; is remarkable, present a good development the look of things.
Keyword: Interpreter of; of linguistics of canto of; of traditional linguistics of interpreter standard; studies school
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A Review Of Foreign Studies Of Translation Norms
HAN Jianghong1, ZHANG Boran2
(School Of Foreign Studies, nanjing University, nanjing, jiangsu Prov. , 210093, china)
Abstract: Since 1950s Foreign Studies Of Translation Norms Have Been Conducted Mainly From Three Approaches: Traditional Linguistics, textlinguistics, and Translation Studies. Highly Prescriptive, the First Two Approaches Attach Great Importance To Formulating Linguistic Norms Orgenre Profiles For Translators, whereas The Third Approach, which Is Largely Descriptive, aims At Revealing The Nature And Principles Of Translation By Analyzing And Describing Translation Norms. This Paper Explores The Limitations Of The First Two Approaches And The Significance Of The Third.
Key Words: Translation Norms; Traditional Linguistics; Text Linguistics; Translation Studies

What is a standard (Norm) ? How look upon standard? In translating academic domain at present " standard " the definition that still did not accept generally, provide relatively have representatively the following 3 kinds: (1) cling to cut (Bartsch, 1987) thinks " the society that the standard is validity idea is actual " luck of; (2) graph (Toury, 1980) " standard " the definition is " a category that undertakes descriptive a gender analytic to the interpreter, the value that shares in society of some interpret language namely and idea, if what is correct, what is wrong, what is proper, what is impropriety, change into correct below specific situation proper interpreter behavior principle " ; (3) Hemansi (Hermans, 1996) thinks " the standard is psychology and social substance, it is people the element of important compose cause of formation in interactive intercourse, belong to the one part in socialization process. Tell from broad sense, the standard covers the entire field between convention and law. " integrated above defines the article 3 kinds, adopt " standard " the broad sense definition of one word, bring into law, regulation and convention completely " standard " in the category.
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