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Talk the value of oral interpretation and price
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Talk the value of oral interpretation and price
Yang Chengshu
Complementary benevolence university interpreter learns an institute full-time associate professor

Heretofore to oral interpretation judge ancient bronze mirror or exam research, centre of gravity often the assess of park education effect. Of oral interpretation judge ancient bronze mirror to be a target with the education ideal of each phase only it seems that, and have not measures oral interpretation by the viewpoint of vendibility. In fact, oral interpretation is not on professional property " reveal " or " show " , however a kind of profession that serves the market. Accordingly, be necessary the viewpoint from market client and demand, in the light of oral interpretation the job does objective description, induce from inside working description the standard that goes to work, character and vendibility, in order to promote the development that oral interpretation works.
Trade through the market on current accord with piles up ─ " the price " ─ will analyse oral interpretation, whether can because always evaluates the service value of oral interpretation,wait evenly according to difficult easy degree of the job and supply and demand, hand-in-hand and the market that formulate belongs to fairness to both sides of supply and demand is normative. Will be beneficial to both sides to be in so when facing same job, build jointly more more simple and easy and suit target, feasible and juster and open management principle. The article will discuss the relation between the vendibility of oral interpretation and price from following project:
1. Demand is dear degree 4. Working duration bear
2. Whole gains profit effect 5. Oral interpretation cultural background
3. The organization coordinates a function 6. Skill of oral interpretation major
Afore-mentioned each across analyse by means of, what can observe a market demand is complex with changeful, also can show the vendibility of oral interpretation explicitly, measure vendibility further value of melt into market. And the growth and decline of market price case and demand, can feedback again (the Feedback) program to education courses, in the light of different market demand as soon as possible compasses lay off answers the training course of effective demand really.
Keyword: The post of oral interpretation is described, the vendibility of oral interpretation, the price of oral interpretation is ordered calm

Talk the value of oral interpretation and price

Table of contents
One, oral interpretation market and its profession development are characteristic
2, the mechanism of market supply and demand of oral interpretation
3, the element of be decided by of the price of oral interpretation
4, the advantage of the advantage of value and price
5, epilogue
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