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Zhu Shenghao
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Job of Shanghai world publishing house goes after the university graduated in July 1933, ren Yingwen edits. The head works a few years is to participate in make up write " English-Chinese begs solution, composition, grammatical, dictionary of differentiate justice four-function " . Signed an interpreter formally with world publishing house 1935 " Shakespeare is Thespian complete works " contract. The first interpret was made 1936 " rainstorm " be completed, wrote into on August 8 " translator preface " . calendar year poem one this year draft is arranged book, in all 3 collect. To July 1937 early or late interpret goes out " the dream of midsummer night " , " Venetian businessman " , " tasteful woman of Wen Sha people " , " dozenth night " wait for comedy.  

Drama of Sha of Zhu Shenghao interpret, if begin to just stem from the interest to Shakespeare, so, became his life later.

The Japanese army attacked Shanghai on August 13, 1937, zhu Shenghao escapes an abode, contain complete works of Oxford edition Sha and partial interpret draft only. Abode is burned, world publishing house is occupied to be barback, already all interpret draft of consign is burned. In August 26 Hui Jiaxing, continue Sha interpret. Countryside took refugee after Jia Xinglun defect on November 18. 1938 publishing house of world of return of second half of the year, still make the best of time to undertake an interpreter. The winter went 1939 " Sino-US daily " the house holds the post of an editor. The Japanese army is occupational on December 8, 1941 Shanghai, irruptive " Sino-US daily " house, zhu Shenghao is mixed in compositor to escape, lose the full data that collects again and interpret draft, the peotry anthology of 3 peotry anthology and Song Qingru is destroyed twice along with all the others. The unemployed man that the life does not have assured source was become at the beginning of 1942. However, the determination of drama of his interpret Sha is sturdier however, he says: "The meal need not have, sha drama have to interpret. Sha drama have to interpret..

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Married with Song Qingru on May 1, 1942, went to Changshu mother-in-law home living with the wife in June, to the end of the year filling interpret goes out " rainstorm " wait for 9 comedy. Zhu Shenghao auxes would rather poor to death, do not wish to be work for of the enemy and the puppet regime, rely on scanty author's remuneration to maintain extremely difficult life only. Because want to take care of young younger brother, to the end of the year, return again fine promote resident. He shuts the door not to go out, reference book is only two dictionaries, continue in job of interpreter of total heart investment, a few when interpret gives Sha drama important tragedy " Romeo and Juliet " , " king lear " , " Hamulaite " wait. Autumn of of the same age, healthy day declines, but still grasp a pen not compose, one year 1943 interpret gives Sha tragedy 8 kinds, poetic dram set to music 10 kinds, success is spectacular!  
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