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Fair show the Chinese-English interpreter of language
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Fair show the Chinese-English interpreter of language

Lv Hefa

(The 2nd foreign language of Beijing academic Beijing 100024)

The summary is official show language is extensive the square field surface that application lives at us, also affect the square field surface that lives to us accordingly. English is fair show language have a directive gender, suggestive, restricted, mandatory the news position that 4 kinds of outstanding applied function; reveal has already " static state " , also have " dynamic " ; uses language of noun, verb, gerundial, phrase, phrase, skeletonize, character and mark extensively combination, present tense condition, imperative sentence, normative sex and standard sex vocabulary, and the vocabulary with partial mainland rich color, form English thereby fair show the distinctive language color of language. Be engaged in Chinese-English make public the standard in showing language translation to should consider to use English above all and standard vocabulary undertake man-to-man Chinese-English displacement; is below the circumstance that does not have corresponding interpret law appropriate consults English is fair show the function of language to ask certain language color undertakes, be in next the part undertakes examining in abroad tourist. In affirm the ability below the circumstance that won't produce any misunderstanding can apply actually.

The keyword is fair show interpreter of Chinese-English of characteristic of function of sign language color

Public Signs In English Are Essential To Tourists of Abstract   . Directing, prompting, restricting And Compelling Aretheir Four Most Important Functions; The Frequent Use Of Nouns, verbs, gerunds, phrases, abbreviations, combination Of Words And Signs, present Tenses And Imperative Structures Marks Their Most Outstanding Stylisticcharacteristics. Translators Could Work More Effectively If They Take Note Of The Functional Features And Languagestyle Of Public Signs.

Chinese- English Translation of   of Language Styles of   of Functional Features of   of English On Public Signs of   of Key Words

Hold rich of the Olympic Games, world to be able to need favorable internationalization language environment. Reforming and opening comes a few 20 years, the internationalization language environment of our country gets clear improvement. However, come when abroad tourist China discover " Entrance Visa " (enter by the ticket inside) " FeePark " (collect fees parking lot) " Propaganda Department "     (publicize a ministry) " Ticket Office For " (buy ticket after normal time is in) , go no further of passenger of OffLimit S () etc is those who be not standard flower interpret fair show can you make again when language why impressions? Come from certain level say, we whether founding favorable international language environment is to hold 2008 the Olympic Games, 2010 the key of world exposition success or failure. For this, the internationalization city such as Beijing, Shanghai, the public facilities of the international travel ground such as Guilin, Hangzhou, transportation facilities, travel facilities will be many the ounce in using is planted fair show language. Those who translate do sth in the proper way is fair the ground that shows language general to be the tourist that comes from distance, athlete to be reached in its walking place, when life place needs, obtain feed, old, travel, swim, amusement, buy wholeheartedly keep an eye on.
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