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See the interpreter of English-Chinese idiom from the angle of culture differenc
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See the interpreter of English-Chinese idiom from the angle of culture difference

Ceng Gongming

(Ministry of English of university of college of Heng Yang normal school, hunan Heng Yang 421008)

Summary: Idiom is the unique fixed expression kind that some language forms in use process, can reflect the culture of a nation most. Closely related interpreter and culture. From the expression of the culture of English-Chinese idiom, put forward the interpreter principle of meaning of English-Chinese idiom culture and method.

Keyword: The graph in interpreter of; of meaning of culture of; of idiom of culture difference; classifies date: G04 document label piles up: A article number: 1002, 073X (2004) 01, 0133, 04

Author brief introduction: ?1964 of  stew in shallow water, ) , male, hunan Heng Yang's person, instructor, be engaged in contrast of culture of Chinese and Western and interpreter research.

What calls culture? Basis " demit sea " explanation, culture is the summation of the corporeal fortune that in pointing to course of human society history, creates and mental fortune. Have " the father of modern culture " the American anthropologist that say overcomes Lu Kehong is to the definition of culture " culture is creation of the place on the history live the system of style, include style of show one's true figures to include concealed form type again already, it has the tendency that whole group shares, or it is what to the specific part place that is a group shares is in in certain period " . Idiom is the unique fixed expression kind that some kind of language forms in use process. English-Chinese history of two kinds of languages is long, including many idiom, they or reservation, humorous,

Or earnest, elegance, not only concise and comprehensive, and image is dramatic, full of humour and wit,

Give a person a kind of beautiful enjoyment. As a result of the difference of belief of ethical history, religion, habits and customs and geographical environment, english-Chinese idiom is bearing the weight of different ethical culture characteristic and culture information, they and culture tradition are linked together cheek by jowl, cannot break up. The culture element in idiom often is the difficulty in the interpreter. The article reachs its interpreter to talk about his view with respect to the culture difference of English-Chinese idiom respect.

As a result of English-Chinese the culture setting of two kinds of languages differs, the idiom with literal meaning, figure same sense may have completely different hidden from view to contain a meaning, implicit the meaning just is talking person or the meaning that the author wants to convey. The culture difference of English-Chinese idiom can divide it is two kinds: It is the difference of form content, it is implicit meaning (include to commend meaning) difference, and they are the meaning beyond literal, it is the specific report of culture difference.

One, the culture difference that mirrors in English-Chinese idiom
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