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C Rono Camp suffered another laser attack fans: Jose Mourinho is always transla
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Mourinho and C Ronaldo, Real Madrid two iconic characters as they are naturally the heart of the Camp Nou fans hate. Pat Vegas, former chairman of Barcelona fans calmly called the two Portuguese, because Figo is a traitor, and they are not. But in tonight's Nou Camp stadium, C Ronaldo and Mourinho but had to suffer humiliation. Whenever C Lo ball, he always heard the deafening boos. When the 9600 Mr. Wan dance with the Akira bike bad back Carles Puyol and Huang do not lose their focus, the Nou Camp stadium is a burst of laughter. Part of the green laser radical fans Luo C face, the Portuguese had in the Nou Camp a year ago, "enjoy" a similar treatment, the Madrid media was angry over this. Mourinho before the game to realize that the Camp Nou fans will never forgive him. Sure enough, when a big lead Barcelona, the Nou Camp in unison singing, "Mourinho go to the cinema now." This is a riposte to Barcelona fans of lunatics in the 05/06 season, Mourinho had insulted Messi is a Mighty actor. Barcelona fans even hung out banners: "Mourinho, you will always be a translator, past, present or future." After the game, Pick a scene out of Real Madrid humiliated fingers, also took a camera lens is a, when in Rome, Francesco Totti was made after the four-ball humiliation Juventus similar gestures. Peak to celebrate the passion of two years ago at the Bernabeu has been recorded in history, he is bound to be a result of this incident in which fingers remembered by history.
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