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A bridge between China and the world - 60 years of New China Translation Busin
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New China was founded 60 years ago, as China to the world, an important bridge for the world to understand China, the translation business has witnessed China's development; open, vigorous development of China, for the translation of the development and prosperity, provide fertile ground. Editorial Department of International Broadcasting (the predecessor of China Radio International), Central Compilation and Translation Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Translation Service (formerly Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Translation and Interpretation), People's Literature Publishing House, Central Literature Translation Department, International News Agency (predecessor of the Chinese Foreign Office) ... ... After the founding of new China, the state set up a group of specialized agencies, constitute a new cause of the backbone of the Chinese translation. According to statistics, the new China was founded before 1966, these "national team" only to translated and published in the social sciences, including "Selected Works of Mao Zedong", Marxist-Leninist works and other types of classic 512 186 440 000 Total, translation and publication of ancient and modern foreign important academic treatises about 1,200 species, translated and published in 22 languages of foreign philosophy, economics, history books and the international communist movement, a total of 1,500 kinds of literature. The cause of the climax of translation, often foreign culture and ideas of the pilot. In 1982, the translation industry's national organization - the Translators Association of China (the predecessor of Translators Association of China) was proclaimed. According to incomplete statistics, China has more than 3,000 various translation services; to the end of 2008, the output value of China's translation market exceeded 300 billion yuan. From the translation, the Foreign Affairs to the simultaneous interpretation, sight translation and subtitling, to machine translation or machine-aided translation, translation of the form and means of continuously enriched. Translation from the past as a foreign language education, teaching aids, training to become professional translators and translation research personnel professional education, the subject of translation system is being completed. This is a string of impressive results: - In the world where more and more people can read daily news Xinhua News Agency Zhuangao with multiple languages and feature articles, read the English version of "China Daily", to see CCTV in English, French, Spanish television broadcast, heard the China Radio International broadcasts in 43 languages. With the continuous development of Internet technology, People, Xinhua, China Network, the international online and other sites, every day dozens of languages to the international community released the latest information about China. - Chinese Foreign Office as a commitment to the party and the National Book Periodicals outreach mission of the press agencies, with translators in 25 languages, published in foreign books and the Chinese party and government leaders, foreign language books and other literature at the same time, publishing the "Beijing Weekly "" China Today "," China Pictorial, "" The People of China "and other 20 kinds of foreign publications to the world issued more than 180 countries and regions, the cumulative capacity of 1.3 billion publishing. - Central Compilation and Translation Bureau for many years published "The Complete Works of Marx and Engels", "Collected Works of Lenin" and other classics and a variety of text version of the party and state leaders and other central works of literature. Diplomatic front translators major international occasions in a variety of Chinese and foreign leaders and diplomatic negotiating table, wisdom and dedication to hard work. - Translation of science and technology is the most active and one of the most important areas, the translator's work to promote the country through science and effective implementation of the strategy and modernization of science and technology ... ... Chinese translation of the cause of progress and development, the international translation industry wide attention and recognition. August 2008, hosted by the Translators Association of China, the 18th World Congress was successfully held in Shanghai. This is an international alliance translator first choice for over 50 years of the General Assembly held in Asia. The largest number of participating countries and regions, the largest number of participants, the largest number of submitted papers, the largest number of academic forum ... ... The General Assembly has created more than the first. New China was founded 60 years ago, China's rising international status, the continuous development of foreign relations, translation career progress. The new century, the party's congress to improve the country's cultural soft power, to promote development and prosperity of socialist culture, a comprehensive plan. With the development of the times, were forging ahead with the motherland. Further enhance the sense of translation work to strengthen the scientific and effective organization and management, increase the translation of the input, develop a commitment to expanding cultural exchanges with the task of high-quality, professional team of translators ... ... Chinese translation to the party and the community is loyal to the people, with high morale, open thinking, effective measures, the new Chinese translation business to a higher starting point.
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