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Five of Chongqing the English translation of loud noise? A lot of different ar
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"Safety First! Quality first!" This site slogan is gradually being "five Chongqing" replaced by the contents, you noticed? Who lives in the Miss Zhang Xiaochao Shiqiaopu to carefully find that many sites now on the wall "Five Chongqing," the English translation is different: "Some of the forest in Chongqing by FOREST, there is the use of GREEN, the meaning seems to almost, but it looks inconsistent." 3 5 local translation occurs "I think a lot of properties for sale on the walls of the site has five Chongqing propaganda slogans, but the above are not the same as the English." The very fact that we came with nine high street real estate site is under construction, the Circuit One by one row of the wall is "livable Chongqing", "smooth Chongqing", "forest in Chongqing", "peace in Chongqing" and the "health of Chongqing", the Chinese are following the English corresponding to Livable, Smooth, Forest, Safe, Health followed by the words Chongqing. Wong Nai rim in a real estate site on the wall, next to the English translation of the Chinese, "Forest of Chongqing" is used in Green Chongqing, "Ping of Chongqing" is Peace Chongqing. Chen Tuo Jiulongpo the way you just put a construction site in Chinese under all of the five Chongqing marked with Pinyin, the construction workers on this site are a bit helpless: "We checked a lot of places are not sure." In Jiangbei, Shiqiaopu, Jiulongpo 5 construction site on the wall, "the five Chongqing" there have been 3 different translation methods. Specification version next week Sichuan International Studies University Professor Yang Quanhong that the "five Chongqing" in various translations, many have reached the meaning of translation, but the government authorities to have the best translation of a unified and standardized manner, so as to better Chongqing to promote the image of the world. How translation should be "five Chongqing" was accurate and unified it? Chongqing Municipal Foreign Affairs Office will arrange for experts to study that next week will provide an accurate and standardized versions, and will also post more hot words in Chongqing Accurate translation to facilitate the introduction to the foreign friends of Chongqing.
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