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Jiangxi fourth quarter of 2009 reduced the number of registered job-seekers than
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February 2, Dajiang Wang reporter from the Jiangxi Province of Human Resources and Social Security Office was informed that the fourth quarter of 2009, Jiangxi Province, to provide jobs and job registration number of the number of people were down sequentially, talent market, the contradiction between supply and demand tension to continue easing.

It is understood that fourth quarter of 2009, in Jiangxi Province, the main job market for the recruitment number of 11,523 units registered in the previous quarter grew by 10.7%; to provide the number of 187,563 jobs, down 0.95% the previous quarter; for the job the number of 306,761 people registered passengers, down 0.87% the previous quarter. Recruitment of talent market in the fourth quarter the number of units in Jiangxi Province continued to grow, mainly due to a series of policy measures to promote employment effects of the role of market supply and demand of talent continues to easing tension in the conflict.

Tight job requirements are: marketing, management, secretarial, accounting, logistics services, computer software and services; hire more professionals are: marketing, management, secretarial, accounting, computers, real estate, trade, etc.; talent structure to meet the professional jobs that require great physical strength; translation, certified public accountants, civil engineering and nursing and other professionals more scarce.

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