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Him translator festival! International translates day
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Shengjieluomu (Saint Jerome) (347 - 420) inchoate west " Bible " learn the home, he serves as " Bible " the translator of Latin text, all the time by the westWritten translationAct according to with oral interpretation worker for Palladium. Long-term since, Written translationWith oral interpretation worker (and the association that they are in) the birthday that can use him (on September 30) the day of around holds souvenirActivity.
InternationalInterpreterThe home is allied (FIT) since holding water 1953 oneself, its board is encouraged all the time with executive board hold Shengjieluomu day (on September 30) congratulatory activity. 1991, committee of FIT public relations put forward (on September 30)InternationalInterpreterThe tentative idea of day. Of the same age, FIT board adopted this one tentative idea, the decision suggests FIT membership organization strengthens collaboration, make clear their solidarity one days in Shengjieluomu, so that riseInterpreterThe position of professional home. This is an expressionInterpreterThe day of professional sense of pride. As globalization process accelerate, InterpreterWill become more and more important. Begin from 1992, the FIT development according to international situation, put forward every year to differInterpreterDay theme.

The interpreter lets the world do not have estrangement
From the translator of thorough battlefield, go to what to call in honoured guest does whisperDragoman, from the professional personage that translates user manual for new car, to the interpreter that adds caption for press, the labor that translates worker in major of each corners of the world, all trades and professions all everywhere is visible. Imagine, if this world did not have an interpreter one day -- all interpreter worker shutdown word of a day, what appearance will that be?
Imagine not hard: If the world lacked these " butLoveperson " , lacked these to be communicated with multiligualism for occupational person, our globalization society can resemble cutting off the power same, break down right-down -- U.N. is nonexistent, WTO is nonexistent, the wonderful film that connects abroad even also cannot be admired for ordinary people place. . . . . . Contemporary society, no matter He Ren, anywhere, more and more the service that relies on language worker. It is the interpreter lets this world do not have estrangement, it is the interpreter lets this world flatten.
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