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Love PowerWord net and confluence of Gu Ge PowerWord
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Recently, love PowerWord net (Www.iciba.com) brand-new correcting, haul basically is page style highlights wholePowerWordStyle, and increaseLearnThe entrance of community is pushed send, had rolled out English song mainly in home page, EnglishTest, InterpreterAppeal, the stress study content such as VOA audition.

The love PowerWord home page of new edition is checked in the dictionary user experience was optimized in the word, as the word content that the user inputs, tell match automatically nearestVocabulary, the application that loves PowerWord to check the network this the word additionally also inside buy among them, still we see be opposite in home pageGu GeOf PowerWord and mobile phone PowerWord push send exceedingly marked also, visible PowerWord had held each applied platform in the round.  

Love PowerWord net increased full text to translate a function in the navigation of new edition home page, like translating function and Gu Ge PowerWord, it is by cereal the song is offerred, gu Ge's revolutionary support machine exists to Internet magnanimity of different language document than right, match, offer accurate interpreter, for instance Gu Ge machine translation learned U.N. to hold water a few years to come all of all kinds files that are translated into a variety of languages. The huge data storage that is based on the cloud to calculate a concept and data analysis are cereal song breakthrough the traditional interpreter, technology base that keeps banner. The interpreter function support that at present love PowerWord rolls out is Sino-Japanese interpret of flower each other, etc interpret of each other of 23 mandarin character.  

The international that the Olympic Games after be based on brings learns the advent of Chinese upsurge, at present interpreter market will be faced with the chance that a high speed develops. PowerWord and Li Mojiang of general manager of love PowerWord network express " online interpreter and desktop interpreter all are a doorsill inferior but gradient however giant industry, the sincerity with long-term need is user service and very tall brand beauty praise spend and just can have more users with tablet of registered permanent residence. At present interpreter market competition does not have too much competition, this is not a favour to an industry, we are willing to give aid to actively, the growth that helps other trademark, after all the prosperity of an industry is in contest of the generation in closing. After all the prosperity of an industry is in contest of the generation in closing..

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