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Italian culture organization singles out vocabulary of the most deformed English
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CounteractiveEnglishSpread, safeguarding mother tongue purity is the French's zealous thing all the time, a few days agoItalyThe person also acts. Italian Dan Ding association a few days ago ballot in English " the most deformed "Vocabulary.

From " Il Weekend " (happy on the weekend) , " Lo Stress " (loosen) to " Le Leadership " (leadership) , more and more English vocabularies adulterated in day everyday expressions of the Italian, some vocabularies are Italian and English even curt combine and become. For instance " Baby Gang " it is infantile gang it seems that, gang of effective means juvenile delinquency.

Aim to popularize ItalyCultureWith the Italy of the language Dan Ding association feels anxious to this. In the past in 4 months, this association invites the English vocabulary that they like the caller ballot of its website least of all. The result shows, in Italian heart " the most deformed English " it is Weekend(before 3 on the weekend) , Welfare(welfare) as good as OK() , and Briefing(brief) , Mission(task) , how is Know How(done) , Shampoo(washs hair essence) and Cool(cruel) wait for a term " be fed up with " after degree tightens therewith.

Common Italian makes the appeal reaction that uses Italian differ to this association.

Yalisangdela of 25 years old is the employee of a travel agent of Roman, he says: "The impure English when I do not think to talk is what important matter, this is the inevitable result of globalization, this model speaks of a word to come faster. This model speaks of a word to come faster..

But her boss Maliya thinks: "The impure English when a lot of people think to say mother tongue is a kind modern, I do not like to say compound language however, it is very important to maintain language purity. It is very important to maintain language purity..

(Wu Ni)

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