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Bureau of European intellectual property: The citizenship in be badly in need of
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Electric Guo Yuan reported window of people net Chongqing on September 16: "Current, in the patent application that in bureau of European intellectual property all exteriors design, ChinaApplication rate is occupied only 0.34% . Analysing main reason is here lacks agent of intellectual property of Chinese book international, the representative that course of study of the state-owend enterprise in was being caused thereby should pay high specified number is expended andInterpreterCost. " senior official Mr Osona is in bureau of European intellectual property today Chongqing holds " system of European intellectual property, exterior design and patent " put forward on international seminar.

Mr Osona expresses, current, in bureau of European intellectual property, the intellectual property that has the citizenship such as Korea, Japan is procuratorial, but the agent that does not have book of a China however. When this is applying for the exterior to design patent with respect to course of study of the state-owend enterprise in was being caused, want to ask professional agent of abroad already, want to pay the interpreter of high specified number cost again, surtax uses on the high side. "When patent application, with respect to the exterior the design applies for government-owned cost to have 3000 more than euro only, but add ask acting retaining fee and interpreter cost to have 30 thousand euro in all, enterprise of a lot of China is assumed feebly. " Mr Osona says.

Mr Osona expresses, be in Europe to reduce Chinese enterprise the application cost of patent application, henceforth, european Patent Office passes consideration general and China project of a few collaboration, make Chinese patent agent passes international representative qualificationExam, introduce agent of major of book of a few China.

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