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Microsoft rolls out interpreter function for Live Messenger
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  MicrosoftAnnounced one is aimed at WindowsLiveMessengerInterpreterFunction. The user can add Mtbot@hotmail.com in their contact list, can translate string into 12 kinds of different languages, want to send an information to go to this Bot only.

If have in your contactFriendSaying different language, you can invite they and Mtbot to chat together, the interpreter is finished automatically in the dialog. Nevertheless, the backside of project group also warns say: "Because machine translation is not perfect, especially slang, machine translation rises can have some of problem " .

At present practicable interpreter includesEnglishWith Arabic, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, the each other interpret between Han Yu, portuguese and spanish and Russian interpreter are English function. In the meantime, chinese simplified and traditional between OK also each other interpret. They plan to count a month to add additional language newly in future.

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