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"Incomplete abstruse meeting " whether change incognito?
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Huang Lina of reporter of report from our correspondent reports: Still have a few days, just hold Olympic Games of the 29th summer successfullyBeijing, be about to greet another big great event -- , " Olympic Games of the 13rd disabled (Beijing Paralympic Games) " .

But to "Incomplete abstruse meeting" this Chinese " translated term " appropriate, begin to appear different sound. Many professional personages think with the netizen, para-lympic Games directInterpreterFor " incomplete abstruse meeting " not quite appropriate, can translate for more implicative, more the name that respects physical disabilities personage.

The netizen thinks interpret is " incomplete " not quite appropriate

Yang Jichun, an average Beijing citizen. These two days hisRich guestWas recommended sina net home page, had caused the top post of 1000 netizens. And his theme, it is proposal general " incomplete abstruse meeting " the transliteration name with direct instead " handkerchief carry is met " -- ,

"I am a lawyer, have assistant. If translate the post of assistant Cheng Yingwen, can be in the lawyer is added before this word ' Para ' , communicate a kind additional meaning. Paralympic explains mediumly in the English-Chinese dictionary, also be the games that shows for spinal cord disease the patient is held. it direct interpreter is ' incomplete ' not quite appropriate. ' incomplete ' the means in Chinese is not complete have the meaning that be deficient in or the part is lost, normally interpret is English Deformed or Deformity. Normally interpret is English Deformed or Deformity..

Yang Jichun ever studied abroadThe United States, Japan, he thinks English is medium " Para " what this etymon delivers is a very implicative concept. English chose an implicative word, whether does Chinese also consider to be not translated so directly? "Contemporary Chinese language is on the interpreter to this word, lost euphemistic beauty, although right, but too direct, to bearing a variety of outside pressure are mixed the body barrier of aeriform pressure in the heart person sociality experience and observe is insufficient. To bearing a variety of outside pressure are mixed the body barrier of aeriform pressure in the heart person sociality experience and observe is insufficient..

This cannot change to also be necessary to continue to appeal

Olympic Games chose metaphrase in Chinese, call " Olympic Games " , yang Jichun suggests Paralympic Games also can use metaphrase, call " handkerchief Lin Pi overcomes games " , respect the English original intention of Para so, in a lot of blameEnglishFasten country and area, for instance Japan, Korea, also be direct interpret is " handkerchief carry is met " .

The proposal offers incognitoly, got the support of many netizens:
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