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Netease has Baidu of challenge cereal song to push online interpreter to serve t
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Brief content: On August 21 message, there is a search to roll out below Netease banner onlineInterpreterService test version (Http://fanyi.yodao.com) , become domestic head home to use own technology to develop the search engine manufacturer of machine translation. Current, gu Ge and have all use method of this kind of statistic to undertake machine translation, and what interpreter of bridge of gold of have the aid of uses into the Baidu of the bureau is traditional and regular method.

On August 21 message, there is a search to roll out online interpreter to serve test version below Netease banner (Http://fanyi.yodao.com) , become domestic head home to use own technology to develop the search engine manufacturer of machine translation. This also is from July Gu Ge, Baidu sends thrust in succession after wide online interpreter serves, another enters the search firm of this market. From application more dictionary of all-pervading Internet desktopSoftwareProceed with, have the innovation function such as the network paraphrase that passes initiate and huge illustrative sentence to already built up inside brief half an year user of machine of 5 million outfit, try to precede this the advantage is extended to online interpreter market. So far, domestic mainstream searchs a manufacturer to already became the situation of 3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces in the layout inside interpreter market, compete more hasten is intense.

Internet dictionary and online interpreter market got involved in succession as a result of what search a manufacturer 2008 become lively and extraordinary. At the beginning of July, baidu rolled out the online interpreter that translates collaboration with Jin Qiao to serve above all, gu Ge also was adjusted in successionChinaEdition home page, former " hot a list of names posted up " function by " interpreter " be replaced. An investigation that seeks advice according to Ai Rui shows, gain ground as Internet, the user browses the agency of foreign language data to be foreign language website by documentation file change gradually, bring about current interpreter to serve to changing transition to online search, and search operation business borrows online interpreter to the service attracts new user and adhere the strategy of high-ranking user is increasingly clear also. Have the act that begin from Internet dictionary and enters online interpreter market, also confirm this one judgement.

It is at present in manufacturer of domestic search engine, have take the lead in using machine translation of search technology research and development, abandoned " language expert willSyntacticRegulation and dictionary input the computer, the computer undertakes an interpreter according to syntactic regulation again " traditional pattern. Have an interpreter to be counted through the assemble with 100 million plan Chinese and English webpage and documentation, use statistical algorithm to be opposite for the unit with whole textual undertake multiple faintness matchs, combine syntactic regulation to undertake optimizing with corrective, form relatively accurate translation thereby. Come in patent through 2 years " is the webpage extractive " ? Improve on the technology ceaselessly, had Chinese and English to what appear on Internet word and phrase to realize pair of much better interpret effects, and this is again with sentence the full text interpreter that is an unit offerred good foundation. With
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