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File of general office of human affairs department simultaneous interpretation o
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4, according to " 2 class, 3 class translate professional competence (level) the exam carries out method " (compatriots hall is sent [2003] 17 date) requirement, bureau of Chinese foreign language is in charge of translating professional competence (level) the solid bestow of the exam manages the job, bureau of expert of national foreign country grooms the center assumes exam of oral interpretation of each language, each level to take an examination of Wu to work. Oral interpretation of each level, each language passes interpret alternately kind with 2 class simultaneous interpretation of each language oral interpretation kind announcement of Wu of exam take an examination ofing all is groomed by bureau of expert of national foreign country the center allots separately.
Service of human affairs of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government answer to will inform spirit in time originally to social announcement.

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