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Interpreter informal discussion (7) Ying Yihan: Understanding is crucial
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? ? ? Ying Yihan, a problem that encounters above all understands lucidly namely textual.
? ? ? See a thing, can have different goal. If be,get information, it is OK to capture carelessness. ? ?
? ? ? If for pastime, that can understand how to much calculate. If for the interpreter, that is not lucid understanding textual cannot.
? ? ? Felt to understand it seems that sometimes, but the interpreter rises or do not know how to do it, investigate its reason, the likelihood still is to fail to understand truly textual. Below this kind of circumstance, if go constrainedly interpret, can adopt mechanical method, word-for-word, a lot of by accident interpret is such generation.
? ? ? Exemple 1? ? We Want To Get All The Parties Back To The Negotiating Table.
? ? ? Exemple 2? ? Their Differences Have Been Thrown Into Sharp Relief By The Present Crisis.
? ? ? AlthoughPartyOne word can point to " political party " , but here andNegotiating TableContact, point to " the one party of the negotiation " . So, exemple the means of 1: We want to pullback relevant parties to conference table to come up. DifferencesOne word itself is to have " difference " meaning, but in this context, it points to however " have a difference of opinions " . Exemple the means of 2: Current crisis makes their difference more noticeable.
? ? ? Exemple 3? ? He Was Found Guilty Of Murder.
? ? ? Exemple 4? There Is No Right Of Appeal Against The Decision.
When involving law, FindDo not express certainly " discovery " , and can point to " adjudication " , " court decision " . AppealAlso do not express certainly " the appeal " , and can point to " appeal " . Accordingly, exemple the means of 3: Classics adjudication, he makes killing blame. Exemple the means of 4: About this court decision, counterpoise without appeal.
? ? ? Exemple 5? ? The End Result Of Her Hard Work Was A Place At Medical School.
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