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Interpreter informal discussion (8) Ying Yihan: Artful interpret is attributive
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? ? ? I discover when interpret of examine and revise stalks of grain, the translation of a lot of sentences is not suitable, investigate its reason, often be attribute was not handled good. In English, can use as attributive composition is very much. Type of adventitious of phrase of word, subordinate clause, participle, preposition phrase, verb, can use as attributive. The word makes attribute be put in commonly by adjunct in front, other attribute is put at the back commonly. In Chinese, attribute is put in commonly by adjunct in front. Because an attribute is like when this interpreter still interpret becomes attribute, and still put in front, translation was not arranged of course.
? ? ? Attribute if not interpret becomes attribute, can what does interpret become?
? ? ? About the interpret law of attributive subordinate clause, had seen many articles. Also have in all sorts of tutorials and monograph special paragraphic try to discuss. Here lifts two example only.
? ? ? Exemple 1The Police Are Concerned For The Safety Of The 12-year-old Boy Who Has Been Missing For Three Days.
? ? ? That boy of 12 years old is missing 3 days, police feels anxious to his safety.
? ? ? Exemple 2 Each Of London ' S Districts Had A Distinct Character That Marked It Off From Its Neighbours.
? ? ? Every area of London has bright feature, differ with adjacent area.
? ? ? Exemple the translation of 1 used two advocate call structure, also can saying is two stand side by side short sentence. If interpret is made " the safety of 12 years old of boys that police is opposite that to already was missing 3 days feels anxious " , different article because too long and attribute is not suitable. Exemple the predicate that the translation of 2 used belt of a subject to stand side by side twice. Anyhow, these two example, textual it is structure of principal and subordinate, and translation is paratactic structure. This also is two kinds of languages are in English-Chinese the distinction with sentential structure the biggest field.
? ? ? Exemple 3Police Investigating The Train Derailment Have Not Ruled Out Sabotage.
? ? ? Police investigation train is off the rails incident, did not eliminate the likelihood that destroys artificially.
? ? ? Exemple 4 Any Event Attended By The Actor Received Widespread Media Coverage.
? ? ? This actor attends an any activities, media made extensive story.
? ? ? Exemple 3 and exemple 4, textual each have * of phrase of a participle to make attribute:
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