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Interpreter informal discussion (9) 25 bits of experience
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? ? ? I published 1984 " English-Chinese interpreter practices collect " induced in preface I carry out 25 bits of medium experience in Ying Yihan. Among them great majority is me to English-Chinese two kinds of languages are respective the understanding of the characteristic. These know pair of my jobs later, no matter be Ying Yihan, still be Han Yiying, it is helpful. I say with respect to the interpret exemple that concerns along with of these 25 bits of experience now.
? ? ? One word of ⒈ is much justice. Make clear textual meaning, proper term is chosen in Chinese. For example:
? ? ? Born In 1879 In Ulm, germany, albert Einstein Was Two Years Old When His Parents Moved To Munich, where His Father Opened A Business In Electrical Supplies.
? ? ? Aerbaite Aiyin the Wu Ermu city that Si Tan is in Germany at was born 1879. In he is two years old when, parents is emigrant Munich. His father opened a factory in Munich, produce electric equipment. (sentence inBusinessOne word, occupying concerned data to introduce is to point toFactory, is notStore, reason interpret is made " factory " . )
? ? ? ⒉ English noun and preposition are used more, chinese verb is used more.
? ? ? Psychologically There Are Two Dangers To Be Guarded Against In Old Age. One Of These Is Undue Absorption In The Past.
? ? ? From psychological respect for, arrived senile, two kinds of dangerous tendency need to notice to prevent. It is overly yearning past. (if interpret is made " the beyond the mark yearning that opposite goes to " , not suitable. )
? ? ? ⒊ English pronoun is used more, chinese notional word is used more. In a sentence, english can give pronoun first, notional word goes out after; Chinese gives notional word first, pronoun goes out after.
? ? ? One Day, while I Was Playing With My New Doll, miss Sullivan Put My Big Rag Doll Into My Lap Also, spelled " D-o-l-l " And Tried To Make Me Understand That " D-o-l-l " Applied To Both.
? ? ? One day I am playing a new baby, miss Sha Liwen also puts my old cloth baby on my leg, wrote next"D-o-l-l "These a few letters, she is to want to let me know"D-o-l-l "Can point to new baby already, also can point to old baby. (if interpret is made " point to both " , not suitable; If interpret is made " two point to " , meaning both neither is clear, the sentence also is not pressed. )
? ? ? If They Are Disappointed At One Place, the Drillers Go To Another.
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