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Interpreter informal discussion (12) interpreter meaning
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? ? ? Interpreter meaning, and do not translate a word, this is in in principle, everybody can agree. But endless however in real work like that. Sometimes we can cross attention to be centered more on textual literal, what the person that do not ponder over original work deep should convey is what meaning, the interpreter rises to consult textual view, change English word Chinese character, adjusted order to come to an end a little. Such translation, not be ill-natured original intention, it is the words fail to express the meaning, perhaps listening at odds, unlike Chinese.
? ? ? I am teaching high take an examination of oneself " English-Chinese interpreter tutorial " a British scholar has been recommended in one book, be called Xiaoduo Sawoli (Theodore Savory) . He is in what published 1957The Act Of Translation Write in one book:
? ? ? ? A Fair Conclusion From These Ideas Is That The Translator ' S Work May Be Analysed Into The Answering Of Three Questions. Faced With A Passage In Its Original Language, he Must Ask Himself:
? ? ? ? ? ? (ⅰ ) ? What Does The Author Say?
? ? ? ? ? ? (ⅱ ) ? What Does He Mean?
? ? ? ? ? ? (ⅲ ) ? How Does He Say It?
? ? ? ? ? ? This Method Of Analysis May Be Applied To The Paragraph, to The Sentence, or Even To The Phrase.
? ? ? Want to translate a meaning, must clear up textual meaning first. What Sawoli says no less than, translator must ask him the first problem first: What is what the author says? But if hereto, that is very insufficient. Because at this moment what you see is literal meaning only, if start work,translate, the word that lane of hard to avoid gives machinery is right the translation of the word. Accordingly, translator still must ask him the 2nd problem: The author's means what? Answered this problem correctly only, just captured the meaning that author place should convey. Start work at this moment interpreter, ability sincerity accomplishs interpreter meaning.
? ? ? One. Consider the meaning of keyword language deep. We learn English, often like to delimit between an English word and word of a Chinese equal-sign, deeper to the certain meaning impression of a word, see this word, must think of this meaning above all. This can hamper we consider this word deep the meaning in this context.
? ? ? Exemple 1? He Wasn ' T Drinking That Night Because He Was The Designated Driver
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