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How to prepare exam of solid Wu of French oral interpretation
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? ? ? According to the regulation of ministry of national occurrences in human life, the whole nation translates professional competence (level) take an exam the 2nd times exam of French oral interpretation will be in Beijing to hold first half of the year 2005. This is the need that joins WTO to get used to socialist market economy and our country, strengthen the major move that professional of our country French builds, can remove honestly evaluation technique language the action of professional level and ability, it is the exam that home provides authority most undoubtedly.
? ? ? After the message is announced, the whole nation will translate professional competence before many people (level) exam office (
Gocatli@china.org.cn) inquiry, have the comrade that is engaged in French job for years among them, also have in the student of school, they want to attend the exam this year very much, check oneself French level, so that be now or the job that will be engaged in henceforth hits the foundation with good the next.
? ? ? The author is not room of interpreter of Ministry of Foreign Affairs absolutely " break up high " , not be written translation a person of academic or artistic distinction. Be in nevertheless 2, in culture diplomacy career of 30 years, the oral interpretation that holds the position of formal circumstance to perhaps compare activity of significant culture external affairs all the time works, also interpret crosses a few little books, although do not talk to go up what experience, but there still is an a bit to experience in oral interpretation respect, perhaps say a lesson. Draft now with respect to a little article, talk about this on one hand view.
? ? ? Today second the means that exam of oral interpretation solid Wu will adopt interview. Take an examination of an official to be comprised by 3 people (2 people of officer of Chinese take an examination ofing, 1 person of officer of French take an examination ofing) . French part takes an examination of Guan Lang to read by France, chinese part by among them a China takes an examination of Guan Lang to read, there is halt between article paragraph, so that examinee has enough time interpreter. This kind passes interpret means, with the extemporaneous interpreter likeness in real work. So how should examinee try with period obtain better achievement?
? ? ? The first, ? Attention needs to be centered highly.
? ? ? In job of actual oral interpretation, dragoman listens by the side of need, the edge is written down, the edge thinks, edge interpret (simultaneous interpretation except) , and all these is finished between twinking, the language of the person that talk namely passes dragoman cerebra first, next dragoman is rapid trustily changes a kind of language into another kind of language with fluent language, the content that immediateness emersion both sides talks, this asks dragoman attention height is centered, response is quick, make a prompt decision, the look does not get thought absquatulate. If the word that does not understand individually is encountered to perhaps did not listen in translating a process,be clear about, ask conversational person again the meaning that come again perhaps asks his to explain this word, also not be not OK. But dragoman often cannot be understood not, always ask, in that way word, not be an eligible interpreter.
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