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Adapt or adapt the interpreter of type
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? ? ? Some Chinese are textual the place that be stated in the character or is a few to fare badly on structural arrangement, we ought to be done to it before beginning to translate a few adjust. This is so called the interpreter that adapt or adapts type. Of course, premise is not to change textual meaning. Lift an example: Publicizing Deng Xiaoping external is a very important facet undoubtedly theoretically. When translating such content, should accomplish a meaning accurate, style decent, readability is strong. A paragraph of character below, because learn the communication outside proofreading (commutative course is installed) need, we must become its interpreter English. But, pass study and research, the sentence that discovers this paragraph of character is particularly long, repeat more, and appear devoid consecution sex:
? ? ? Deng Xiaoping academic generality
? ? ? "This curricular system is tuitional the basic content of system of Deng Xiaoping academic science, the thought marrow that analyses Deng Xiaoping theory deep and scientific content, clarify Deng Xiaoping's academic history position and direct import, clarify the course that builds socialism with Chinese feature, guiding principle and policy, help student rises to holding high the recognition level of Deng Xiaoping great banner, raise consciousness of viatic of construction socialism with Chinese feature, rise to be directive research to analyse reforming and opening of our country socialism and modernization theory and the ability that carry out a problem theoretically with Deng Xiaoping. / / the key content with Deng Xiaoping academic tuitional generality is Deng Xiaoping socialism primary level is academic, deng Xiaoping's academic marrow, the theory of essence of Deng Xiaoping socialism and basic task, deng Xiaoping socialism reforms theory, deng Xiaoping diplomacy and open to the outside world academic, deng Xiaoping one nation and motherland unite theory, deng Xiaoping socialist market economy is academic, the development strategy of modernization of Deng Xiaoping socialism is academic, democracy of Deng Xiaoping socialism and legal system are academic, cultural and ideological progress of Deng Xiaoping socialism is academic, the leader that Deng Xiaoping socialism builds; Force and support power theory. / / the principle that classroom education asks hard to carry out theory and real phase union, history and real phase to be united in wedlock, science of do one's best is vivid and rigorous, effective. Science of do one's best is vivid and rigorous, effective..
? ? ? To obtain due propagandist effect, contain to this kind long sentence complex phase, we must undertake necessary treatment to it, divide measure ground to undertake an interpreter again next. If be illuminated directly,break up, english readability is about to sell at a discount greatly.

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